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Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper

StallionsAt StudRef: 95017
Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper
Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper Carlsson Vom Dach Few Spot Knabbstrupper

DisciplinesAllrounder Dressage Showjumper
Age Group4 to 6 Year Olds
Height Range 16 - 16.3hh
Price 250
Height1.60 Cm
Date of Birth 2013  
Comment QualitiesCarlsson Van Dach a fully papered and graded Danish Knabstrupper licensed with the ZZSA and the AES.

Carlsson is an exciting addition to lovers and breeders of Knabstruppers and spotted horses as he is homozygous for the leopard complex, thus guaranteeing that all of his progeny will be leopard spotted 100% of the time.

He is an excellent choice for mare owners wishing to breed an attractive spotted foal but more importantly is his gentle nature, cool temperament and loveable calm character, perfect for the every day amateur rider with more than sufficient aptitude in jump and movement for the ambitious rider and competitor.

Carlsson vom Dach has good height with a handsome head for a Knabstrupper. He has a well set, well developed neck, correct limbs and is well proportioned in his body and limbs. He has a lot of development yet to come at this young age.

His walk is good, dilligent and tactful. His canter is rhythmical and balanced and his jump has sufficient technique and scope.

In his pedigree we find the talented Holstein blood of the show jumping progenitor Ladalco, son of one of the most influential Thoroughbred sport horse sires Ladykiller xx who's name can be found in the pedigrees of top show jumping and sport horses of today. In addition we find the Holstein blood of Aldato by Anblick xx

His frozen semen is very good quality.

Frozen semen is available for purchase at a cost of 250 per dose, sold on an "as is" basis without guarantee or warranty.

Semen is stored in England and Germany with distribution available throughout the UK and Europe.
Carlsson Vom Dach  





Amor von Kobold 

S Nina 


Lady Killer 

Zala (Aldato) 


Theis Lynghoj 

Rebekka Hors 
Published 28/03/2018

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