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PrH Riverdance

StallionsAt StudRef: 95006
PrH Riverdance
PrH Riverdance PrH Riverdance PrH Riverdance PrH Riverdance PrH Riverdance

Age Group4 to 6 Year Olds
Height Range 14 - 14.3hh
BreedArab Part Bred German Riding Pony
Price 250
Height155 Cm
Date of Birth 2011  
Comment QualitiesAs foal awarded Gold champion.
Reserve champion at the German Foal Championships.
As 1 and 2 year old Gold and Silver Champion at international Shows.
Gold champion at the Breeders Cup 2013 in Salzkotten, Germany.
2014 Gold champion at the VZAP
2014 approved stallion at ZfdP
2015 Premium Stallion at ZSAA

He completed his stallion performance test in October 2015 with an overall score of 7.31.
He was awarded a 9 for character, 8.5 for motivation, an 8 for performance and a 7.6 for rideability.
He is a stallion with a wonderful, well-balanced temperament and very good attitude to work.

Trained and competed by Annika Bardenhagen

His frozen semen is very good quality.

Frozen semen is available for purchase at a cost of 250 euro per dose, sold on an "as is" basis without guarantee or warranty.

Semen is stored in England and Germany with distribution available throughout the UK and Europe.
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Published 28/03/2018

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