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Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood

StallionsAt StudRef: 92970
Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood
Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood Solaris Buenno Homozygous Warmblood

DisciplinesDressage Showing Showjumper
Age Group7 to 10 Year Olds
Height Range15 - 15.3hh
BreedAES Warmblood
Price 600
Height15.3 HH
Date of Birth 2006  
Comment QualitiesSolaris Buenno is an interesting addition to the world of warmblood and sport horse breeding and an excellent choice for the showing enthusiast.

His sire Umenno, has an accomplished performance record to date and his dam Edwina a first premium Supreme Champion mare who was awarded the Model Predicate in 20014. Her progeny have achieved excellent results in the show ring at major National Championships and HOYS.

Buenno, has not only inherited the qualities of both sire and dam but consistently passes them on to his progeny, elasticity, suppleness, athleticism, tremendous shoulder reach and powerful hind engine, despite his injury which has prevented him from following an in-hand showing and ridden career.

His bloodlines are a combination of both jumping and dressage genes from the worlds leading stud books including the grand prix show jumping stallion Wellington by stallion of the century Nimmerdor, on his damline we find the bloodlines of Ekstein, Lucky Boy & Joost. His pedigree is also made up of nearly 50% thoroughbred blood including Perciles xx Lucky Boy xx, Compromise xx, Lucky Boy xx, Katamaran xx, Le Faquin xx, Korridon xx, Relic xx and Katouchon xx.

In addition to his proven performance bloodlines Buenno is Homozygous for the tobiano gene, thus providing breeders with the certainty that his progeny will be tobiano. (coloured)

For the showing enthusiast his progeny have been shown extensively the length and breadth of the UK with many wins and Championships at the most prestigious events. Each year his progeny are well represented at the Royal Highland Show.

Buenno adds and improves top line and muscle development with well developed hind quarters, clean well defined limbs, ample movement, plenty of elevation in trot and good reach in walk.

His progeny have been sold as far as the Czech Republic Switzerland & France with his first foals anticipated by clients in Australia, Belgium France and Switzerland in 2017

600 for mares 14.3HH and over
500 for mares 14.2HH and under

Frozen semen 400 per dose

Collection And Shipping not included in the stud fee

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Solaris Buenno 



Patty Keur (Pref) 

Evelien (Ster) 


Solinde (Keur Pref) 
Edwina 1st premium 

Ed King Hill (sport-Keur preferent) 


Fabiola (Keur Pref) 

Darwina (Rhin) 

Dotorre (West) 

Kalinka (Hanov) 
Published 25/01/2018

Contact Information

Company NameSolaris Sport Horses Ltd
NameRosalyn Serex
Web Sitewww.solaris-sport-horses.co.uk
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