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Kambarbay Akhal Teke Perlino Stallion At Stud

StallionsAt StudRef: 89883
Kambarbay Akhal Teke  Perlino Stallion At Stud
Kambarbay Akhal Teke  Perlino Stallion At Stud Kambarbay Akhal Teke  Perlino Stallion At Stud Kambarbay Akhal Teke  Perlino Stallion At Stud Kambarbay Akhal Teke  Perlino Stallion At Stud Kambarbay Akhal Teke  Perlino Stallion At Stud

DisciplinesDressage Eventer Showjumper
Height Range 16 - 16.3hh
BreedAES Thoroughbred
Price 700
Height16.00 HH
Date of Birth 2006  
Comment QualitiesA ten year old pure bred Akhal Teke stallion registered with the Estonian Sport Horse licensed AES.

With an abundance of athleticism, elasticity, stamina, speed, agility, intelligence, bravery, excellent technique and scope over a fence, with very good movement and a high percentage of blood, Kambarbay possesses all of the desirable characteristics very much sought after for the eventing, endurance and modern day sport horse.

He has a beautiful head, well defined limbs, a well proportioned length of body and neck embellished by the metallic golden sheen to his coat for which the breed are also renown.

Kambarbay is a stallion with nobility and refinement an elegant high blood stallion with the ability as a Perlino to pass on his dilute colouring 100% of the time.

Homozygous agouti and cream he will always produce palomino and buckskin foals from solid mares. He carries both the red and black factor and is homozygous agouti. He cannot produce smokey blacks

He has been embraced by breeders of sport horses world wide and a popular choice with both professional breeders competing at the highest FEI levels in eventing and endurance, having attracted a good number of mares of show jumping and dressage lineage, throughout the UK, Australia, Austria, France, The Netherlands and the USA.

2017 will see the arrival of his largest foal crop to date thanks to the demand of his frozen semen in Europe.

He has crossed well with a variety of mare types, Irish Sport Horse, Warmblood, Thoroughbred, Part bred Arabs, Pure bred Akhal Teke mares as well as native pony mares, polo ponies and part breds. In the Netherlands he has attracted a good number of quality KWPN Dressage mares and In France show jumpers.

2016 saw the arrival of a strikingly marked and very correct buckskin colt foal born at Headley Stud, home of the world famous Britannia Prefix.

Whilst Kambarbay may appear light of bone, it is in fact exceptionally dense, designed to cover hard ground at high speed without sustaining injury. The Akhal Teke are renowned for their soundness with exceptionally strong tendons and hardy hooves.

Kambarbay`s temperament is golden, a gentle obedient stallion to those he entrusts. He shows high intelligence and is very quick to learn.

He has competition results in the disciplines of dressage show jumping and eventing with good results at National level.

His progeny have been well received at the BEF Futurity and the SSH gradings, all having received 1st premiums.

Kambarbay is available for the distribution of fresh chilled semen from throughout the UK and Europe.

Stud fee for mares 14.3HH and over 600

Pony mares 14.2HH and under 300 Fresh Chilled/Fresh

A10% discount is given to all mares resident at Tremlows Hall Stud Farm in Whitchurch.

Frozen semen can be purchased at 300 per single dose. Semen is already stored in France The Netherlands The USA and Australia.

Fees exclude shipping costs.

An extensive library of photos and videos are available on our youtube channel and Facebook with additional information and online booking on our website.
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Published 28/03/2018

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